Serving as your at-home skin treatment, my customizable peel kit is perfect for maintaining your skin. After a 20 minute consultation, we will discuss your needs and you will received a personalized kit for your skin’s optimal care! Whether you have problems concerning blackheads, hyperpigmentation, or dull/tired skin, I’ve got what you need to get your skin in shape!

This Kit Includes

First and Second Cleanses: Removes the top layers of dirt, sweat and grime

Physical Exfoliant: Helps to break away dead skin and allows the peel to penetrate into deep layers of the skin.

Enzyme Peel: Breaks down and absorbs the dead cells to reveal fresh, new skin underneath

Post Peel Mask: Soothes the new skin after exposure to the enzyme and exfoliant regimes.

A Recommended Serum: Contains antioxidants to further brighten new skin. Ranges from Vitamin A, antioxidant brightening, or Hyaluronic acid hydrating serum… Depending on your needs!

A Recommended Moisturizer: Hydrates, hydrates, hydrates!

SPF: Provides protection from sun damage. 

Need a little extra “Oomph'“? Add a power additive!

Hydro Jelly Masks, Lactic acid booster, or a soothing powder additive.  

This Kit Targets:

Texture… Softening and smoothing the skin 

Pigmentation… Correcting any discoloration or unevenness in skin tone

Acne… Controlling the secretion of facial oils, soothes inflammation of the skin

Dehydration… Eliminating dry texture, alleviates itchiness and sensitivity

This Kit Lasts:

One month. The kit is used at two week intervals. The kits change quarterly so the skin is constantly being challenged and renewed. So after you finish your first few kits, check in with me on how we can further work on what we can do to take your complexion to the next level.