Welcome to Serving Face First!

Welcome to Serving Face First!

By Allison Dawson

Welcome to Serving Face First!

Hi There!


This has been the year of doing things I never thought I would  be doing, this blog being one of them! Welcome to my new platform for all things skinducational (that’s a word I just made up, i’m trying to make it work.) I love skin and I love products and this is my new platform to talk and share all of those things. Got ideas? Got questions? Let me know! I want this to be information that you’re curious about! 


Before we get started with all things skin, I want to take a moment to talk about how I got here and share with you my 3 personal commandments in skincare. 


Commandment 1: Accessibility 


Accessible I think everyone should have access to good skin (if they want it). 


It’s pretty simple. I want to empower people with the tools and knowledge they need in order to best take care of themselves. Great skin can be achieved in a host of price points. Beautiful skin does not solely lie in the hands of those who can afford weekly facials. In fact, the work that I do as an Esthetician is only 25% of the success of your skin. It’s what YOU do at home that makes all the difference. And the reality is, not everyone can have a facial once a month! It’s always been important to me that the information I provide, and  products I talk about are accessible. Does that mean I’m only going to be talking about Drugstore skincare? Honey, no. However, I will (in my one on one) and public work, provide you with a range of products in a range of price points. Whatever your budget may be, I will give you OPTIONS. Because sometimes one just ain’t enough.


Commandment 2: Honesty


If you’re my client or you’ve seen me on social media you know one thing about me, I’m honest... Brutally so. No, I won’t hurt your feelings (I promise) but I will tell you the truth. Whether that be about new products, trends, treatments, or what you’re doing at home. Know that I will always provide you with my honest feedback.


Commandment 3: Inclusive


This is number 3 because 3 is the magic number, therefore, the most important. I am a woman of color and how I approach the world ( and skin) will always come from that perspective. This will always be an inclusive, safe, and open space for all! I want you to feel like you can be real with me. Skin can make us really vulnerable sometimes, and I want you to know that our conversations are always private. I want you to be your best self; my job is just to give you a little “boost”.


And that’s it yall! Accessible, Honest and Inclusive skincare from me to you! Thank you for joining me, can’t wait to share.