supergoop glowscreen sunscreen product

Supergoop GlowScreen Review

By Allison Dawson

supergoop glowscreen sunscreen product

So at this point you probably have a good idea that SPF may be one of my favorite parts of my routine. Finding that perfect SPF that doesn’t make you ashy, greasy, too dry, or too oily is lots of trial and error. Luckily, that’s what I’m here for! 

Introducing my review for the Supergoop GlowScreen SPF 40. I’m going to break down this product into 6 major categories:

Review Categories:

Scent, Texture, Color Match, Finish, Packaging, and Formulation.


Scent: 9/10 This doesn’t have a smell. Other than a faint hint of mineral SPF which is not an issue for me.

Texture: 6/10 It’s a smooth whip texture that is slightly stiffer than a souffle. I swear, I’m talking about sunscreen not icing. It does not apply grainy at all but is a really smooth application.

Color Match: 5/10 This has a luminous pearly finish. If you are a Fitzpatrick 5-6 ( My shade or deeper) this may not work on your skin tone. 

Finish: 2/10 Listen, I have combination/ oily skin and love a little luminosity under my makeup or on my no makeup days. Now….oily girls, you know there is a thin thin line between dewy and oily. This falls alllll the way into that oily category. I mean, my God. This was horrible. I used about 1/2 tsp (which is the recommended amount) and I was slick. It was so bad throughout the day that even my mom was like, you look baddddd. The luminous finish of this product and it’s specific pearl tone lends itself to a slightly more grey oil like shine and  less the formulation.

Packaging: 8/10 The packaging (like most Supergoop packaging) is spot on. The hole in which the product is dispensed from is very small, which helps to control the amount of product that comes out. I probably should have taken that as my indication that this product should be used in small doses. Alas, that’s not how I apply my SPF. I am a sunscreen slather queen and this is not the SPF for that.

Formulation: 6/10

Avobenzone 3%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 10%

This is marketed as a “Reef Safe” SPF, but as I’ve mentioned in the past Octocrylene is NOT reef safe. It’s banned in several countries as well as the US Virgin Islands as having harmful effects in the ocean. This Octocrylene claims to be Prop-65 compliant, but I try to keep all Big O chemicals out of the sea. This is what I would classify as a “Street Safe” SPF. As far as the other ingredients go, it has Titanium Dioxide as well as Mica (that’s what gives it that pearly glow) but overall Supergoop has a pretty thorough clean ingredient list. 


Final Thoughts:

Most people under use the SPF. Depending on how big your face is (large for me) 1/2tsp to 1 tsp of SPF for your face alone, NOT including your neck. A shot glass amount is required for your body. If you are using the “correct” 1/2tsp to 1 tsp amount of product, you will look like a grey disco ball. The pear color on brown skin does not look nice and the glow is more of a grease. Big disappointment for me here! However, if you have dry skin this would be perfect for you. It will add that bounce to your skin and never matte. I do still use this less as SPF and more as specific highlight. It still made its way into my routine but more as makeup, less and necessity. If they came out with this product is a matte and or warm toned pearl color i’d be 100% on board as an SPF...Until then, she’s a cheek highlight.